2009 was the first year SBC was made, although was more of a secret forum at the time. It did not grow until 2010.

Overview Edit

August to December

On August 15th, 2009, terminoob created SBC (under the original domain, fed up with, making the release of V1 Clam. Little is known on what V1 was like though. Termi did not tell anyone at the time, as he secretly worked on the site until October 2009, where he revealed the existance of the site after several SBCers got banned and suspended from Several joined such as that70sguy92, CF, dragiiin123, ExKizuna, Spongebobs1fan, and tvguy347. It was not very active though, but 70s was promoted to Head Admin in November 2009 when termi got too busy with real life issues. In December 2009, some SBCers began to search for new members, which would continue into early 2010.

Site Success, Features, and Versions - Edit

V1 Clam

V2 Crab

V3 Coral 

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