Art of Monsters is a spin-off by iDylan, revolving around the lives of the citizens of the undersea city of Redlands. The main plot in Season 1 is the local election, and how several people are involved in the lies and deception of it. A highlight of the election is the city's financial crisis, which is a direct result of the candidates running. The spin-off premiered on October 7, 2012.

Premiere Date: October 7, 2012

Status: New Spin-Off

Rating: -

Characters Edit

Tom Riley - One of the candidates running for mayor.

Paige Riley - Tom's wife, who is also intending on divorcing him.

Mariah Burke - A woman caught in the middle of lies and is wrongly arrested.

Hannah Ford - A senior detective with the Redlands Police Department.

Quinn Frost - Author, journalist, and Editor-in-Chief of the #1 newspaper/magazine in Redlands (The Daily Jewel).

Julie Sanders - Wife of Michale Sanders; cheated on him.

Michael Sanders - Husband of Julie Sanders.


Season 1Edit

(S1E1) Episode 1: Wrong

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