Best Creation Ever is a game created by iDylan (who also created the hit Best Show Ever in 2010) that pits lits and spin-offs alike against each other for the crown of Best Creation Ever. The first season is in progress.

Season 1Edit

The season is currently airing with a total of 20 creations.

Bikini Top (that70sguy92 , Spin-Off)

Adventure in the Underground City (Sabre , Spin-Off)

Robot Trout (ExKizuna , Lit)

Down Under (iDylan , Spin-Off)

Post Fiction (OMJ , Lit)

Team SpongeBob (teenj12 , Spin-Off)

JCMovies (JCM , Lit)

Rusty's Raping Rampage (Elastic and jjsthekid , Lit)

Storm Racers (Jjsthekid , Spin-Off) 

Gary The Snail's Undersea Adventures (ClassicNickelodeon Fan 1 , Spin-Off) 

UWS: SBC Style (Steel Sponge , Spin-Off) 

SBCPU (jjsthekid, Lit) 

The Killer Krab (OMJ, Spin-Off)

4th Voted Off, 17th Place: The Adventures of Tom and Lou (teenj, Spin-Off) 

3rd Voted Off, 18th Place: Rise of the Planet of the Jellyfish (Max , Spin-Off)

2nd Voted Off, 19th Place: Handsome Squidward (Clappy , Spin-Off) 

1st Voted Off, 20th Place: Super Smash Bros. SBC Style (Webby , Lit)

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