BigSponge is a new member on SBC. He joined November 12th, 2011.

Adventure Time Thread IncidentEdit

On December 5th, 2011, spongebobiscool stated in the Adventure Time thread, that he hated the how to which BigSponge, attacked him saying,

"Suit yourself, at least give a reason to dislike it. You dont haveto agree with anyones opinion.So if you wanna make yourself clear, you dont gotta be so mean. Anyway t o ANY FANS on this site who like Adventure Time, the Christmas Special was great. By the way, to all you diehard Spongebob fans out there, anyone old enough to register on this site istoo old to be a fan of the Sponge. I like him and all,(alot) But I only stick to him out of a sense of loyalty to my childhood.Anyway Adventure Time is Totally Awesome!(My opinion, you haters)"

He later apologized to everyone after recieving an infraction from Admin, Jjsthekid. He hasnt been on since March. It is assumed he was lost during SBC Shut Down Spring 2012.

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