Bleepless in Seattle is a spin-off created by iDylan (tvguy) and to be written by OMJ, Shinya, Ex, and iDylan. The show is based off an original idea conceived by tvguy a year earlier. The show has had at least one season ordered, and is intended to directly compete with other comedy spin-offs.

Premiere Date: TBA

End Date: TBA

Status: In Production


The adventures of a group of friends, following their daily, educational, and sexual lives amidst unusual circumstances in a very inappropriate way.


Wayne: A round blue little bird who is the craziest of the bunch. He has been admitted to several insane asylums, prisons, county jails, and the Disneyland holding cells before, although has escaped all of them more than once. He is smart, has an explosive temper, and manipulative.

Fetty: The mentally retarded otter is very slow. He doesn't realize anything, and is one of the few stupid characters from shows that isn't named after food. Fetty is known for spewing food from his whiskers and shouts nonsense. A lot. He enjoys eating cockroaches and watching security camera footage in his spare time.

Bitch Squirrel: Sandy's long lost aunt who is the only female in the group. Although her real name is Betsy Ann Rougade Squirrel Longbottom Potter, she is known among the others as "Bitch Squirrel" because of her constant nagging. She is exceptionally smart, although because of her poor choices is a pot-smoking, alcohol addicted, sex-crazed pain in the ass.

Pablo: A homosexual moose who is the most normal of the bunch. However, he has suggested having both a penis and a vagina, as well as acquiring two new sex organs in his pectoral and foot regions. He is very awkward and socially incapable.

Episodes Edit

Season 1Edit

1.) TBA


iDylan - (Present)

ExKizuna - (Present)

Shinya - (Present)

(NOTE: Bold = currently serving)

History Edit

Originally titled "The Tree Club Maniacs" and to be written by iDylan, ExKizuna, Dragiiin123, and illustrated by Jelly and Deli, the show was set to premiere on August 20, 2011. However, no episode ever aired and the show was assumed to have been cancelled. A year later, on August 19, 2012, the show was announced to have been picked up for a season as part of tvguy's new line of spin-offs (a reboot of SpongeCraft and a new show called Abyss among them). A brand new writing panel was announced, bringing OMJ, ExKizuna, and Shinya alongside tvguy for the show. It was officially renamed "Bleepless in Seattle" on August 20, 2012.

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