Blood and Bones is a show created by famed creator tvguy347. The show revolves around Detective Perry Riley, Leonardo Lazarre, and Sandy Cheeks solving crimes in Bikini Bottom. In the beginning of the show, Riley resents Sandy on their team. She likes Detectives Dexter and Hernandez. But in Episode 4 (soon to air) both detectives are drafted to a different precinct, leaving the team to the three. Lazarre and Riley are close, although Lazarre constantly bugs her. In Episode 3, Riley discovers that her mom, dad, and husband were all murdered. The show is presumly cancelled as it is now in the Davy Jone's Locker area.


Detectives Perry Riley and Leonardo Lazarre have recently been partnered together in the Bikini Bottom Police Department. Together they solve murders, although there may be more to their relationship. Throughout the series, Lazarre helps support Riley as her mother, father, and husband were brutally murdered in Episode 3. Although Riley despises Lazarre and finds him annoying, she gradually accepts him as a friend, a partner, and maybe more.


Episode 1: One Knight (9/11/10)
Episode 2: Revenge on the Stage (9/11/10)
Episode 3: Cold Blooded (1/17/11)
Episode 4: *Scrapped*(Episode 4 was presumly scrapped, as the series was cancelled)