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Boundary 1 was to be tvguy's newest spin off, as well as his first spin off since SBC Therapy (August 2011). It was expected to premiere on June 15th, 2012 and would have been  the first spin off to focus on the law section of Bikini Bottom. Announced on May 25, 2012, the show was met with great anticipation and acclaim for the concept. The show was never made, and was scrapped.

Plot Edit

Patrick Ridgeway is a psychic living in Bikini Bottom, doubling as a police officer. Because of his keen eye for detail, it assists him and his team in catching killers. However, when his wife and son are both brutally murdered, Ridgeway vowes to set out and catch his family's killer as his team (consisting of First Detective Kate Felix, Spongebob, Sandy, and Calvin Roman) watch him slowly go crazy trying to avenge their deaths.

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