Game Daze is the first mini-short in CDCB's Bikini Bottom Adventures. In this mini-short, CDCB, SpongeBob, and Patrick try to play a simple game of Eels and Escalators.






It is Sunday at SpongeBob's house. Patrick has been invited over for the day, and the three of them try to decide what game to play. CDCB suggests to play Checkers, but SpongeBob recalls that they played it the previous day. After Patrick fails to contribute a suggestion, they all come to an agreement to play Eels and Escalators.

CDCB tells SpongeBob and Patrick to play Rock, Paper, Scissors to decide who goes first. Unfortunately, SpongeBob and Patrick aren't very good at the concept of Rock, Paper Scissors. CDCB explains the idea of Rock, Paper, Scissors to SpongeBob and Patrick, and they try again.

SpongeBob gets the idea now, but Patrick is confused by CDCB's analogy of shadow puppets to Rock, Paper, Scissors. They finally get it this time around, except it's a three way tie. SpongeBob suggests that they just forget about Rock, Paper, Scissors and get to the actual game, and CDCB and Patrick agree.

SpongeBob realizes that Eels and Escalators is a two player game only, but the problem is easily solved when SpongeBob goes on Patrick's team and CDCB is on his own team.

SpongeBob and CDCB each roll, but when it's Patrick's turn, he gets an eel and an escalator. Since none of them know what to do in this situation, they forget about Eels and Escalators and go jellyfishing instead.


  • This episode was originally entitled, "Eels and Escalators," named after the game CDCB plays with SpongeBob and Patrick in this episode.
  • This is the first new production of CDCB's Bikini Bottom Adventures to premiere in just over two months.

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