The CDCB Vs. iDylan Xat Fight was a Xat Fight that took place on October 17, 2012.


CDCB had changed his name to CD ROMney. Dylan saw this and started questioning with CD, because iDylan hates Romney. A bunch of people tried to stop the fight, and a couple were kicked.


In the end, Clappy reset the xat, and iDylan and CDCB became members. CDCB started fighting again that it was his chat, and they stole it. In the end, CDCB left and iDylan got reownered. The Xat Games 3 were also delayed due to this. CDCB spent a few weeks under the alias "the meanest cabbage ", but revealed his true self later.

2nd FightEdit

On November 5, 2012, CD was banned from SBC. CD had made a xat for Spongebob Universe, which caused Dylan to ban him. This caused a big outroar in the community, with many people wishing he came back. On November 10, CD got unbanned from SBC by Dylan.

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