Dancing with the Spin Off Stars is another spin off created by famed spin off writer, tvguy347. The spin off is roughly based off of Dancing with the Stars, having spin off characters be the stars. The show is currently in its first season.
Status: Cancelled (most likely)
Premiere Date: November 23, 2010

End Date: December 1st, 2010

Season 1 ContestantsEdit

Erica from Coral Drive, dancing with Matt Vatios
Zed from The Krusty Train, dancing with Sariana Sexy (Eliminated in Episode 4) Mango from Gen. Patrick 2.0, dancing with Victor Lehay
Archie from Mis. of Patrick Star, dancing with Hailey Beecher
Randy from The Fallen Star, dancing with Lola Stand (Eliminated in Episode 2) Ava from Spongecraft, dancing with Gordan Bryant
Jason from Guru Gakuto, dancing with Sierra Lyre
Pierce from Pierce in the City, dancing with Lady Gaga
Temperance from Bikini Top, dancing with Larry Hall


The show is similar to Dancing with the Stars. The judges (70s, terminoob, and CF) give Points (1-30) based on how well they did on the dance. The three teams that have the most points are safe from elimination. The next three teams that receive the most votes during Elimination are then safe. The remaining three teams must then compete in a SM, Save Me, in order to stay in the competition. The SM's are based on athletics, not dancing.


The fake prize the teams will win are a pure gold trophy, 4 billion dollars, and a free house in Beverly Hills.

Judges & HostsEdit

The hosts on the show are Donny Lopez and Lily McStanel. The judges are that70sguy92, terminoob, and CF.

Season 1 EpisodesEdit

1. Introducing The Stars! (11/23/10)

2. Elimination (Randy from The Fallen Star and Lola Stand are eliminated) (11/24/10)

3. Hot on The Dance Floor (11/30/10)

4. Who Gets Eliminated This Week? (Zed from The Krusty Train and Sabrina Sexy are eliminated) 12/1/10)

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