Dimensional Honor was an upcoming Literature fanfic created by Steel Sponge. It was first announced in April 2010. He is planning it also to be a NaNoWriMo.
Premiere Date: November 2011
Status: Cancelled
End Date: N/A


A new legacy arrives when a group of scientists invent an orb, a failed thesis put it in construction. One day, it's true power is discovered when one of their sons, Caleb Dash snatched it from the lab. He became no ordinary kid, the orb gave him a supernatural form, along with abilities he was never offered to have. Eventually, he was transported to an xtra-dimensional universe, where creatures called "Dimensional Monsters of Courage" lived. Caleb noticed he's become one. He then realizes he's called to save the dimension from destruction of a nasty orginization called "The Megaminds of Darkness." It's up to him, his 3 other friends, and his older brother to become victorious.


  • It was originally named "Xtra Spirits Legacy", which was used as the title from September 2010 to April 2011.
  • It was supposed to premiere in Summer 2010, then October 2010, and then November 26th, but got delayed due to some other projects he was working on. Now it is planned for a November 2011 release. It has now been officially canned.

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