Doubloons are a form of currency on SBC. Main page here.


They were first introduced on June 20th, 2010 on forumotion, but did not serve a key purpose at the time. Later in December 2010, during V5 Dolphin, Glove Universe (Glove World at the time) was opened where users could finally spend their doubloons, thus finally giving them a purpose. They are displayed under how many posts you have and in your profile. You can use Doubloons to buy things in Glove Universe, and you can get them from posting or winning certain contests, ect.

They went missing for a while on phpBB3 due to a site crash, but returned for Orca. They are now in full integration with ibEconomy.

Doubloon AmountsEdit

  • Posting in all forums except from Spin-Off/Litsgives you 1 doubloon.
  • Creating a new thread in all forums except for Spin-Off/Lits gives you 2 doubloons.
  • Having your post liked gives you 2 doubloons.
  • In the Spin-Off/Lits section, posting gives you 10 doubloons.
  • In the Spin-Off/Lits section, creating a new thread gives you 20 doubloons.


  • When they were first launched in June 2010, they did not serve a huge purpose at first.
  • During April Fools 2012, they were named "Barnacles".

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