Eelz is a spin-off created by Dragiiin123. It was considered very funny, though Dragiiin admitted himself he hated Eelz.

Premiere Date: February 11th 2010

End Date: July 3rd 2010

Status: Ended

Plot: There is no actual plot and is supposed to use stale jokes and quotes from old spin-offs. It revolves around Dan, an eel.

Controversy Edit

Eelz has caused much controversy. It is said that it is "not an actual spin off, just a group of stupid jokes." It has been debated by many on why it should be taken off the Spin Off Forums. Eelz has brought itself much hate, as well as Dragiiin stating he hated the spin off.

Season 1Edit

1. Racey!

2. Picture Smictures

3. Eager Beaver or some Shit

4. Sub Par City

5. Party!

6. Evil Dan (Part 1)

7. Evil Dan (Part 2)

8. Procrastination

9. Dan Dies

10. Chronological Events

11. Dear Sister

12. Death by Truck

13. Eelz Finale

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