Employee of the Month is a special tradition on SBC (formally known as Community Spotlight). It is awarded to the users who have done the most rememerable things on the community. Your avatar and name will be featured on a widget on the forum. You will get a PM knowing you are featured in the Employee Of The Month by a Staff Member. If you get featured, you get..

-Employee Of The Month rank

-200 doubloons

-Name and avatar featured on widget

-You can even put "I was the Employee Of The Month for ___ 2012" in your signature

-Golden username


Early DaysEdit

February 2010 - Spongebobs1fan

March 2010 - Wumbology

August 2010 - Steel Sponge

Revival Edit

March 2011- Sabre

April 2011 - Metal Snake

May 2011 - CDCB

June 2011 - Pakasa43

July 2011 - OMJ

August 2011 - Deli

September 2011 - JCM

October 2011 - Servin' Up Smiles

November 2011 - Elastic Dog

December 2011 - SpongeOddFan

January 2012 - Clappy

February 2012 - Unlimitedcha

March 2012 - WWESpongefan

April 2012 - CF

May 2012 - The Idiot Box

June 2012 - Spongebobfan29

July 2012 - SG12

August 2012 - Crushingmayhem

September 2012 - Webizoid345

October 2012 - SpongeMaxwell

November 2012 - ClassicNickelodeon Fan 1

December 2012 - E.V.I.L


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