Futurdrama is a spin-off created by Dragiiin123( Community). The series takes place in space, among the dawn of the Alien's's attack on the earth, causing the humans to send there animals to space to fight! along with the ship Starmen 20X6, and characters: Patrock, Quacky Quackster, Spongetarz, and Spandy. For each season, there is 13 episodes. However, it abruptly ended.

Premiere Date: August 30, 2009 End Date: July 29th 2010 Status: Ended

Episode Guide Edit

1. Space Ship Pilot 20X6
2. The Quack Shack
3. Valentime is the Worst Time
4. Little Big Planet
5. Twig's Supernatural Stand
6. Tripping on Life
7. Water Falls In WaterFalls
8. Tentacle Planet

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