Guru Gakuto is a new spin-off created by Spongebobfan200/Steel Sponge.

Premiere Date: August 27th 2010

End Date: TBA

Status: Returning Spin-Off

Genre: Drama, War Fiction

Plot: 12 years after Spongebob (2022), Spongebob becomes mayor of Bikini Bottom. Then, an abandoned notebook drops into a magic cauldron, bringing DoodleBob back from the dead. As a return, DoodleBob decides to unleash Doodle Darkness in Bikini Bottom, and eventually erase the entire boundaries of Bikini Bottom, and then the whole ocean. Following another backstory of 7 abandoned kids which belonged to a hidden legend named Gakuto after their parents, including the kids themselves died, until Gakuto gave the kids pebbles of life. After they were each resurrected, Gakuto hears that Bikini Bottom needed him. Gakuto disappears and separates his kids, who were resurrected in the sin circle. Spongebob now sends the pre-teens to find Gakuto and restore peace.


Season 1Edit

1. Who is That Man? (US: August 27th, 2010-Sneak Peak, US: October 2nd, 2010-Official Airing)

2. The Journal (US: October 9th, 2010)

3. Ain't no Mountain Adventure High Enough (US: October 16th, 2010)

4. Trapped in Turkey (US: November 27th, 2010)

5. Memories and More (US: December 4th, 2010)

6. Forest of Illusion (Jjsthekid Guest Wrote) (US: December 11th, 2010)

7. Take The Cape (US: December 18th, 2010)

8. Whirlpool Katrina (US: January 1st, 2011)

9. Daters Gonna Date (US: January 8th, 2011)

10. Stopped in the Name of Love (US: January 15th, 2011)

11. Tic Tac Scam (US: January 22nd, 2011)

12. Uptight, Theo's Alright (US: January 29th, 2011)

13. Lament (US: February 5th, 2011)

Season 2Edit

14. On Holiday (US: February 19th, 2011)

15. Gakuto Moon (US: February 19th, 2011)

16. Imagine and Invigorate (US: February 26th, 2011)

17. The Scribble Seven (US: March 5th, 2011)

18. Long Time, No See (US: March 12th, 2011)

19. The Amaze-on Race (US: March 19th, 2011)

20. Nuclear Paperback (US: March 26th, 2011)

21. Re-Establishment (US: April 2nd, 2011)

22. 50 Strokes of Black and White (US: April 9th, 2011)

23. Wrong Kong (US: April 16th, 2011)

24. Fantasia 2022: Doodle Madness (US: April 23rd, 2011)

25. Pearl Harbor (US: May 28th, 2011)

26. Wisdom, Justice and Love (US: May 28th, 2011)

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