The SBC Staff has consisted of several people. The site is a democracy, or has become a democracy, although there are some problems. These are the KEY people who helped SBC grow.


that70sguy92 has faithfully been the Main Admin since late 2009, when terminoob gave him full power. 70s was responsible for the initial forums and the first design, which was v2. 70s was continously working on the site, and just when he thought it was going to die, he saw the user TVGuy347 actively posting and decided not to give up on the site. Soon enough, more users gathered under 70s's rule and the site gained more activity. 70s has made many decisions in his time as the Main Admin, and still is to this day.

tvguy347 Edit

tvguy is a helpful user who has helped to shape SBC to what it is today. Many of the ideas that are on SBC today were his, and tvguy designed two of the biggest versions in SBC history (V5 and v7). Despite constantly arguing with staff, he is very passionate about the job and has got many active users for SBC. He has said he is in it for SBC, not to receive credit. To this day, tvguy is still actively involved with SBC. He is also credited with starting the "SBC" abbreviation, which is now basically the site's official name.

terminoob Edit

terminoob was the founder of SBC. However, he decided to give SBC to 70s. Upon returning, he stirred up trouble and he whined about how 70s should give him the site back. Eventually, terminoob left after not really contributing to the site at all. Later in Summer 2010, ExKizuna reported to the staff that terminoob was threatening to destroy the site (he still had admin powers) unless tvguy347 was de-admined. tvguy did so, but was later reinstated as admin once things cooled down. terminoob can still be found on other forums.

Spongebobs1fan Edit

Spongebobs1fan was a moderator on SBC who helped with SBC at an early start. He suggested a popular board, Spongebob Games, and it has been said SBC wouldn't be how it is today if it wasn't for him. He worked on SBC until 2010, when he hit rock bottom. Spongebobs1fan was caught saying he no longer cared about SBC, and was going to leave for SBM. He was then wrongly de-modded just because he said this, and then he did leave. Recently, he resurfaced on SBC as a regular member and is still posting, although he is no longer involved with the staff. He however, runs the site's official youtube.

jjsthekid Edit

jjsthekid is an admin who has worked very hard, being very helpful. He usually deals with small, day-to-day operations which in the long run really help SBC. jjs has stayed an admin since June 21, 2010 and is still serving the site. He is very good admin for helping with V6.

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