Host the Ghost (also known as HTG) is an evil ghost that attacked during Octerror Fest 2012.

SpongeBob Jeopardy!Edit


How he appears in Jeopardy.

During Round 48, he kidnapped host jjsthekid and locked him in his mansion, and took over the game. He had also trapped SpongeBob characters as paintings in his mansion. He was covering up the categories Halloween (for Game 2) and Web Sites II (for Game 2). Thanks to the efforts of players though, his evil plans where stopped, and he escaped the scene, vowing revenge.

He returned in Round 49, attacking the game with an army of ghosts, but was defeated once again due to the powers of the jeopardy players.

In Round 50, the users attacked his lair, and he was defeated in his ultimate form, revealing he was awaken due to the partying in Octerror Fest. He was then put back in his tomb to rest.
Archir dragon-of-spirits

His ultimate form in Round 50.

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