Attention users

The post by Prince Dark (PR1NC3 D4RK5T4R) warning users of the IAVA forums of SBC's spam raid

Intercontinental Airways Virtual Airlines of YSFlight is a new forum run by ACSBehemothHellcat.

Through the days of March 2nd - March 4th, 2012, SBC members Clappy, CDCB, Dragiiin123, Jjsthekid, and SpongeOddFan had spam-raided the forum when ACS updated a link to it on SBM. ACS stated on his site that he knows that some members of The SpongeBob Community were the spammers. He may strike again as revenge.

ACS discovered some SBC members were responsible, because he saw CDCB's email account. On March 3rd, 2012 he went to SpongeBuddy Mania and complained about the raid. SOF, Dragiiin, and tvguy fought with him about it in this thread:

He also revealed some very cold things tvguy said months ago about SBM, causing some SBMers like PhilipB to take ACS's side and lash at tvguy.

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