iVlog is a new spin-offf by Hall Of Fame creator, teenj12.

Plot -Edit

The show focuses on 16 year old Pearl Krabs, attending Bikini Bottom Talent Academy , who decides to start a Video Blog series about issues in her town and the ocean around her. With friends, Debbie Rechid, Dale Zachery, Harry Sylence, and Judy Rued, she takes society by storm with the power of the internet.

Characters -Edit

Main CharactersEdit

Pearl Krabs - The main protagonist. Pearl is a very opinionated person and isn't afraid to speak her mind on any issue that she sees as wrong.

Debbie Rechid - Pearl's best friend and a girl with a big heart. She is always trying to get people to do the right thing.

Judy Rued - Pearl's abbrasive and intimidating good friend. Judy can be violent and is prone to angry outbursts.

Dale Zachery - A handsome tech savy boy who helps run the Vlog Blog.

Harry Sylence - As his last name implies, he is a quitet kid, but when he opens his mouth he has a lot to say.

Reception -Edit

Upon its release, it got all positive feedback, being teenj12's first show to get positive reviews for its first episode. Critics also stated that they loved the theme song.

Episodes -Edit

Season 1 (2012-Present)Edit

No. in Series No. in Season Episode Title Airdate Production Code
1 1 iGot A Vlog October 21, 2012 S1EP1
2 2

iCan't Trick or Treat (Special)

October 28, 2012 S1EP2
3 3 iSave A Snail November 11, 2012 S1EP3
4 4 iHave Fangirls December 7, 2012 S1EP4
5 5 iGet A Rival
6 6 iBeef
7 7 iBlacklisted
8 8 iCause A Strike
9 9 iVote For Mayor
10 10 iPlay Cupid (Special)
11 11 iGot Fanmail
12 12 iTour With Tom and Lou! (Special)
13 13 iBattle A Bully
14 14 iVlog Television (Special)
15 15 iAd
16 16 iHave To Know
17 17 iAnniversary
18 18 iP
19-20 19-20 iDo Something Awards (Parts 1 and 2)

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