Krabby Land was a short lived spin-off created by terminoob. He considers it to be his worst spin-off ever. He had attempts to revive it, but those were scrapped.

Premiere Date: June 2009

End Date: June 2009

Status: Ended

Plot: It revolved around Mr. Krabs opening Krabby Land again, but with improvements.


Season 1Edit

1. Grand Opening (AKA: Plankton Semi-Succeeds)

2. Maintenance Enhancement!

3. The Replacement

4. Luck, be a lady to Tray

5. Bonnie-anza

6. Beam me up, Spongey

7. Victoria's Secrets

8. Psychological Roller Coaster Break Down

9. The Hall of Horror

10. Reflections (Part 1)

11. Reflections (Part 2)

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