The Krusty Krushers have had one leader in its history, with leaders allowed to serve a limit of four terms which last six months each. Elections are held every six months. Anybody who is a Krusty Krusher has the right to run, as well as to vote. Leaders control the team's monetary matters, overlook warfare, lead battles, and run the Krusty Krushers. The leader is entitled to a cabinet, which consists of advisors, as well as any people the leader wishes to control responsibilities that he would otherwise have. The leader is paid in Doubloons for doing his/her job, as it is very time consuming and often stressful. Krusty Krusher Leaders were discontinued on December 15th, 2012, when the entire Krusty Krushers group was discontinued.

Leaders Edit

1.) OMJ (June 20, 2012 to October 21, 2012)

OMJ is the first leader, as well as the current occupant. Being as Teams hasn't officially begun, he hasn't done much. OMJ resigned on October 21 due to his inability to attend Team battles (his primary device is an iPad).

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