Lurker is a mysterious SBC user who has been lurking the site since July 2010. He is not actually on the site, but he lurks it enough to get knowledge of it. He stopped lurking after November 2011, and then returned to lurk again in March 2012. He has been very active on the xat lately as of July 2012, and is known for pretending to be a new user named Articuno back in June-July 2012, and he also impersonated Bob_Ball recently. In reality though, he is not a bad guy, and has tried to protect the site from people like ACS. On December 2nd, 2012, Dragiin claimed that he was Lurker all along. However, Drag only was Lurker in 2010, all the rest of the Lurkers were inpersonations, that remain to be unknown to the public.

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