LukeJames_525/Metal Snake is a user who joined on May 25, 2009 under the username LukeJames525. At the time, he was a shy and inactive user. He left the site for a while in August, right during the forum attack, and returned in October 2009 as an active member. He started to talk with more users, and kept posting. However, during the forum attack of July 2010 {when WhaleBlubber returned to the site and started getting people banned}, he became very inactive. On November 1, 2010, he left

He joined SBC in March 8th, 2010, and has recently become an active member there. He also created a spin-off entitled The Journey of Sebastion (Ended). He is also a Good Noodle, and usually goes under the name "Metal Snake" now. He was involved in the SpongeBob Section Fights 2011.

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