My Leg! The Adventures of Fred the Fish was the first spin-off created by SBlover95/Southparkfa. It is a Fred themed spin-off.

Premiere Date: August 29th 2010

End Date: TBA

Status: Returning Spin-Off

Rating: TV-PG

Plot: Fred the Fish is tired of getting hurt all the time in Bikini Bottom, and due to the fact that his Health Care can't cover him much longer, so he heads off to Kelp City for affordable care. Four years later, Fred is a bum on the street, and decides to return to Bikini Bottom rather than live in the hell that Kelp City has become. He returns and sees some instant differences. * means an unaired ep.

Season 1Edit

Episode 1: Fred Returns

Episode 2: Good Job Hunting

Episode 3: Emergency Landing

Episode 4: Googlin' Through the Internet

Episode 5: To Save A Fish

Episode 6: Fred and Patrick go to College (Part 1)

Episode 7: Fred and Patrick go to College (Part 2)

Episode 8: The Nice and the Furious

Episode 9: Parental Crisis

Episode 10: Forever Lost (Part 1)

Episode 11: Forever Lost (Part 2)

Episode 12: Forever Lost (Part 3)

Episode 13: Fred the Fish: Ace Defense Attorney (Part 1)

Episode 14: Fred the Fish: Ace Defense Attorney (Part 2)

Episode 15: Fred the Fish: Ace Defense Attorney (Part 3)

Episode 16: Fred the Fish: Ace Defense Attorney (Part 4)

Episode 17: Trapped!

Episode 18: Hot Diggity, I Just Sold My Soul


My Leg! was an unexpected success, having garnered great amounts of views, as well as highly positive reviews.

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