Octerror Fest is an annual festival held throughout all of October, with a climax of events being held on the night of Halloween. The event was designed and created by tvguy347. The first banner for the 2011 Octerror Fest was made by Spongygirl92.

2011 -Edit

Screen Shot 2012-06-02 at 10.54.24 PM

The Octerror Fest 2011 Skin, crafted by Spongygirl92.

- Octerror Fest Skin

- Xat Screening Movies

- Easier Sharing With Pictures

- Scary Art Contest

- Costume/Avatar Party

- Special games


- Movie Screening

- Team Halloween Tournanment

- Scary Story Contest

- Scary Art Contest

- SBJ Halloween 4-Part Special

- WOF Halloween

- Two New Halloween Skins

- Masquerade/Costume Ball

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