Origins of the Ocean - This Spin-Off is created by Sabrespongebob.

Premier Date: February 26th 2011
End Date: TBA
Status: New Spin-Off
Rating: TV-PG

Plot: A Mini-Series, with a difference. Each episode will follow a main character as they struggle living there lives through there childhood and adulthood. Hidden origins that they thought would never have be revealed.

Episodes Edit

Season 1
1. "The Origin of a Young Sponge" (February 26th 2011) - What happens when Spongebob's real father wants his son back?
2. "The Origin of a Young Squirrel" (March 12th 2011) - A young Sandy learns a technique that she won't soon forget

Critical Reviews and Reception Edit

Wumbology on the "The Origin of a Young Sponge": Great episode

Extras Edit


Awards Edit

Community Spin-Off Awards 7: Nominated for "Best Pilot Episode" For the episode "The Origins of a Young Sponge"

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