Person joined October 24, 2010, but became active late summer 2011.

Fighting On The Boards and XatEdit

Person was involved in an outbreak of fights in the Nautical Nonsense section in Summer/Fall 2011. Fa, Metal Snake, spongebobiscool, and Person had an enormous blowout about how Person and Spongebobiscool want Stephen and the old writers should come back, because the new episodes are horrible. Metal and Fa tell them to stop living in the past and the old writers aren't coming back. Full Story.

On the XAT, fights constantly started whenever Person was around. teenj12 and tvguy347 at first defended Person, but his behavoir would only spiral out of control...


When Jeopardy returned, Person would constanly cause a mess to stir up. He fought with several users, such as Fa, Jjs, Mothra, and CDCB. After the events of Round #10, he was banned from Jeopardy forever.

Person is now on SBC less, due to punishment by his parents.

2012 - PresentEdit

On April 6th, 2012, Person's ban at the xat was lifted. He was given a second chance. He is still banned from Jeopardy however. Person is a tad more active again and has been behaving much better.

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