Post Fiction is a Lit created by Old Man Jenkins/OMJ/Tromboner Man. It was a popular Lit about Impostor SOF. It was cancelled until Steel Sponge was given rights to it. Season 2 of Post Fiction is currently in its development stage.

Premiere Date: July 23rd 2011

End Date: TBA

Status: Returning


Imposter SOF; Casual poster, Good Noodle...Impostor? Mysteriously being placed in the heart of The Community, a once peaceful place full of the most friendliest people around, he immediately causes unrest with the murder of a high-ranking public figure. With no real memories of his past and with only the intent to bang everything he sees, he equips himself with me Mallet of Doom™ and continues to raise hell as only Imposter SOF can in a world where you don't know who's real and who's fake. Can Imposter SOF unlock his past and find out what his purpose in life really is? Find out, now.

Episode ListEdit

Season 1: (Episodes 1-18)

I. Bang

II. Old Man Jenkins' Jalopy

III. A Date With The Cable Guy! Sloppy Seconds All-SwAround!!

IV. Swordfight to the Death! Panic At The Disco!!

V. Unaccompanied Minors! The Kids Are Alright!!

VI. Copperhead Caper! A Truth Revealed to Imposter SOF!!

VII. Trouble in Paradise! What Would John Wayne Do?!

VIII. Grease Lightnin! Rumble In Brighton Tonight!!

IX. The Face Of Evil! The Greatest In KORIDIE!!

X. Enter the Dragiiin! A Life Or Death Battle Commences!!

XI. Deadly Run-In! An Ally In The Shadows!!

XII. Awake, Imposter SOF! Clappy's Convert Operations

XIII. Two-Bit Hit! A Battle Of Now Or Never!!

XIV. Desperate Dudes! The Heat Is Closing In!!

XV. The Heat Is On! Escape the Fuzz!!

XVI. Closer To the Truth! All Shades Be Revealed!!

XVII. Confront Your Past! The Imposter's True Purpose Revealed!!

XVIII. Last Stand! Enter the Blubber!!

Season 2:

These titles have been leaked by Steel Sponge, but they have yet to air.

XIX. Triple Eleven! Imposter SOF: Reborn!!

XX. Deader Than You Think! Escape From Alcommunatraz!!

XXI. Bran Flakes! Bold New Taste!!

XXII. Hillenburg Crew Assemble! PERSONa!!

XXIII. 20 Years Into the Future! Clapmaster Found!!

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