Rebellion Against Cyber Bulliers (formely, Rebellion Against Blockers) is an online group run by ACSBehemothHellcat. He founded it as a group to stop and stand up to trolls and online bullies. They have made a whole lot of enemies in the past according to ACS' youtube pages.

SBC became their enemy after ACS declared SBCers, bullies. The group had two xats, which were raided multiple times by SBC. Several fights and debates have happened there between ACS and SBC members. They are also called RACB for short. It is assumed that the group disbanded after 2011. ACS is now focused on his IAVA group. However, in November 2012, RACB was reformed on Youtube by ACS' YSFlight team, and is now attempting to return RACB to its former glory. But unlike 2011, SBC is no longer one of their targets due to ACS' truce with SBC. The group is undergoing a new administration, known as the Devany Administration (as opposed to ACS' Allen Administration), run by the leader of his YSFlight team. However, RACB posted a video claiming that the truce is almost broken due to Exkizuna, who is not liked by Prince Darkstar.

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