Runaway Sponge - Created by Spongebobs1fan

Status: Returning Series

Season: 1 Aired: 3/25/11-Present

Writer: (Spongebobs1fan) Plot: The adventures and stories of the Runaway Sponge will be him staying alive while running away from the cops. The things he will do, will get him on the prime suspect list to be captured and put in jail for life. Will the Runaway Sponge get caught? Find out in the series.


Episode Guide

Season 1

1. The Bikini Bottom Chase (3/25/11)

2. Capture the Great One (6/06/11)

3. Revival of the Runaway Sponge (12/22/11)

4. Stealing Spree (12/31/11)

5. Prison Break (1/2/12)*

6. Bunch O' Clams (1/3/12)*

7. Dutchman's Reward (1/7/12)*

*Have Not Aired


-Main Characters-

The Runaway Sponge (Spongebob Squarepants) The baddest criminal that Bikini Bottom has ever seen. Spongebob never gives up his duty's to steel or finish the job. Seeing him may be your worst nightmare or may even take your life.

Dumb-Witted Assistant Patrick (Patrick Star)

Austin Layers (Under-Cover Runaway Sponge Assitant)

John (Head Police Chief)

Bobby Liken (Co-Police Chief)

Alan Zenderi (FBI Agent)

Lenny (Runaway Sponge Assitant)Coming Soon Season 2!

Oblina Nighters (Runaway Sponge Assitant)Coming Soon Season 2!

-Minor Characters-

Nick Liken (Co-Police Chiefs Son)

Cooper Jones (Ticket Officer)

Brian Waterhousin (Fbi Agent)

Quinn McFiggins (Report Officer)

Squidward (Protester)

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