Plot: Spongebob may be big time protagonist, and KK2 manager, but it starts to bring him down to see Stephen Hillenburg's deserted office, and a rumored death of an old friend. Spongebob(at 17-18) bids Bikini Bottom farewell. He eventually goes off to Shell City, which has gone viral and slightly more radioactive. He also runs into somebody named Glenn Barry Kuda, who convinces that the town knows about the fatality of Spongebob's old friend. With a few enhancements, Spongebob and Glenn form an organization, as they try to stop the forces of another organization called S.L.O.T.H.S(Specially Licensed Organization That Hate Spongebob)

Premiere Date: April 22nd, 2011
End Date: TBA
Status: New Spin-Off

Episode Guide

Season 1

1. Splitting Images

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