SBC: Investigation & Prosecution is a brand new lit made by Metal Snake. He announced he would not continue it on March 10th, 2012, so therefore it is up for grabs.

Premiere Date: August 9th, 2011

End Date: December 22nd, 2011

Status: Cancelled

Plot: SBC used to be a peaceful town, run by terminoob, the creator of SBC, and his council, tvguy, ExKizuna, and that70sguy. Under their government, there was little crime, and few people who didn't abide by the law, so there was not much need for the SBC police and court. But soon, terminoob began to claim that he hated the place he had created, and accused his council of trying to change his community. He eventually left SBC, and tvguy was put in charge of maintaining the town instead. Shortly after though, tvguy received a threatening letter from terminoob. In the letter, terminoob stated that if tvguy and his council continued to manage the site, he would kill them and destroy SBC. Knowing that terminoob was capable of accomplishing this task, tvguy and the council stepped down, and with no one to rule over SBC, the town went into ruin. Anarchy began, crooks flooded the town, and even some of the most loyal members of SBC were forced to turn to terminoob in this time of distress. Fortunately though, the police and SBC court stood strong despite terminoob's threats, for they were SBC's only hope now. They swore that they would stop the criminals, get rid of terminoob, and restore SBC to its original state.

Episode GuideEdit

Season 1Edit

1. The Letter (Part 1)

2. Spiked & Jacked (Part 2)

3. Punishment (Part 3)

4. Ponies

5. Dash's Magic Tutorial

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