SBC Music is a feature on SpongeBob Community created by Mr. Dr. Professor Patrick, being a 2014 Christmas gift from him. The feature allows members to play music from YouTube in turns, similar to a radio station. It was a popularly requested feature.


Release Date Updates
1.2 1/19/15
  • Added history page.
  • Added shoutbox widget.
  • Added white skin.
  • Changed "Wait List" from gray to orange.
1.1 12/26/14
  • Added user list.
  • Added HD option.
  • Added volume control.
  • Added ability to change your request.
  • Fixed skip glitches.
  • Fixed [img] bbcodes.
  • Fixed the "undefined" ghost.
  • Fixed unordered wait list.
1.0 12/25/14 Merry Christmas! This was the launch version.

Notable GlitchesEdit

  • On release date, MDPP attempted to add [img] support, but mistakingly had the adverse effect of making every emoticon really large.
  • The "undefined" ghost: When nobody requested a song, the chat would constantly state "undefined is playing a song!" repeatedly until somebody requested a song.


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