While many spin-offs have survived for many episodes and seasons, a lot more are short-lived and barley get any episodes, if any. Here is a list of all the Short-Lived Spin-Offs on SBC.

NOTE: If I made any mistakes on this, please feel free to edit this list. Thank you.

1. Squidtastic Hero

2. crimes and nematoads(nematoads fight crimes) (Joke spin-off)

4. the adventures of nematoads kids (Joke spin-off)

5. Trapped

6. War of the Hicks (Project abandoned)

7. SpongeBob: The Legendary Frycook

8. Something's Missing

9. Saving his Soul

10. Krabby Land

11. Searching For Sandy

12. The Life of Gary

13. Patrick Seastar

14. Mr. Krabs and The Pirates

15. From The Abyss

16. Krabs' Kitchen

17. Spongebob's middle school years

18. To The Maxx!(episode area)

19. Essentric Electrical Eelz

20. Super Spy Sponge

21. Ghostly.........

22. SpongeBob: IN SPACE!

23. The Adventures of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy

24. Les Indices

25. Spongebob: Elementry Days

26. Jumpstart

27. Number One Mysteries

28. Spongepool: Sponge with a Mouth

29. Super Sponge Bros!

30. The Squirrely Adventures of Sandy Cheeks

31. Alantis Futureplantis

32. Dutchmannapped

33. Dayman!: Champion of the Sun

34. Futurdrama

35. Spongetourage

36. Squidcinnati

37. Golden Pearl

38. The life of a fish

39. Sponge-Pat

40. Nightmare of Conch Street

41. Spongebob, The Doctor-Lawyer

42. 37

43. Sponge's Alantis

44. Spongeakaka

45. The Naturally Normal Show

46. Plankton and Krabs: High School Rivary


48. The Brave Kaiser beings... Underwater.

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