SpongeBlade (AKA SpongeBlade: Gem Force) is a spin-off created by ExKizuna.

Premiere Date: July 19th 2010

End Date: TBA

Status: Hiatus

Plot: When a human, Gingka Hagane, visits bikini Bottom, he drops devices. Bey's. When they are dropped, they leak into a mine. When a big explosion happens, these devises are enfused with differant Gemstones, and are scattered all over. When our friends in Bikini Bottom find these, more are made. As a joyful new hobbie, nobody thinks anything of it... Until some unneeded people get their hands on these. When a surprising event happens, everything changes for our Bikini Bottomites.

Episode GuideEdit

Season 1Edit

1. The Beginning of the Middle, Which Will Be the End

2. Walking With the Enemy

3. The Oddysey... Is Very Odd

4. The Ending is Critical

5. The Rise of Team SpongeBlade!

6. Unlock the New Technique! CrossForm Revealed!

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