SBM during an early April Fool's prank in 2009.

SpongeBuddy Mania (also commonly referred to as "SBM") is a Spongebob forum and fansite, started in 2004 by ssjgogita4, Spongey34, and Spongedude. Initially, SBM was two sites: Spongebob Mania created by ssj, and SpongeBuddy, created by Spongey34 and Spongedude. The site really took off towards the end of 2005/start of 2006. At it's peak, SBM had around 500 users averagely logging in. The site entered another era that lasted from 2007 to 2009; however, the site entered an activity recession with several activity spikes sprinkled since then. It was the number one rival to opposing Spongebob forum, United Spongebob Boards, which is now considered to be inactive in all terms.

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