Sponge-Pat 2008-2010

Sponge-Pat is a spin off created by Spongebobs1fan.
Status: Ended

Sponge-Pat had a total of 38 episodes.
Note: * Means TV Movie.

Season 1
1. Pilot
2. Taco Mascot
3. Eye for the Finish
4. Gary meets Bary
5. My Driver Liesense???!!

  • 6. The Replacements (TV MOVIE)

7. Sponge's House Of Burgers
8. Calender Of Days
9. The Missing Coin
10. The White Rock
11. "Know" You're Future

Season 2

1. Johny quits and ends his dutys
2.Pretending to be your'e foe
3. Nuts and Cups
4. BookWorm
5. Computer 5,000
6. Spong'es House of Burgers Special Meal
7-8. The Bird

Season 3
1. D iabalical N:Nematodes A:are Surrounding Us
2. Spong'es House Of Clothes
3. Barry's Birthday
4. BUS#129 (TV MOVIE)
5. Feelings For A Starfish
6. On the Clock Or ELSE
7. Cooking Is My Passion
Season 4
1. Whats the Deal, Lu Seal?
2. Back to Boating School
*3. Spongebob And Plankton's Evil Plot ( TV MOVIE
4. Do Planktons Drinks, Stink?
*5. In The Food Buisness Together ( TV MOVIE )
5. Do Planktons Drinks, Stink?
6. "Chain" Monster
7. I Want To Be A Part Of It
8. "Chain" Monster
9.Trick O' RollerCoaster
10. The End Of The End
Season 5
1. The Return of the Sponge and Pat..It Vanishes
2. New Rivals
3. Jealousy Of Mr. Krabs
4. Seasons, Or Who Cares?
5. Docter Appointment
6. The Money Burger
7. Power Shortage
8. Food World
9. Snail Day Care
*10. Me, A Pirate? (TV MOVIE And Season Finale)
Season 6
1. Patrick Shipped to Boating School
2. The Live Switcher

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