Spongebobs New Life
Plot: Spongebob moves away to the other side of the sea and has to make way there. Patrick gets so sad that he end ups moving with him, and squidward finally gets alone time. It was Sbfan1's first ever spin-off.Premiere Date: August 2008End Date: Late August/Eary September 08Status: Ended
Season 1

1. Moving Day 8/18/082. My new Friend Spongebob 8/18/083. Spongebob's new favorite restaraunt 8/18/084.Sam's Boating School 8/18/085. The new sport in town 8/18/086. Hunting for treasure 8/18/08 7. Spongebob as a RockStar Special 8/18/088. Whats up with your rock Patrick?/ New Neighbors 8/19/089. Special: TO THE MOON 8/19/0810.Film Festable 8/19/0811. Aqua Pals/Look at those Humans 8/19/0812. Time for school/Football Team 8/19/0813. Sponge Of the Futer/ Patrick an Artist?14. KK not for real?/ I wanna be a teacher15. Whats wrong with gary../ The Super Heros on the other side of the sea.16. Big Bowl Of Cereal/ Idiot Box 217. Sandy for a visit/ What! Fish and Chips!! 18. I need a job/ Tall Patrick19. Spongebob back to preschool/ My Collectionof stuff20. Gadgets/RobotSponge21.Loop De Loop22. Superheros 2/ Distant Land23. Rimes with rubber/ What is this stuff???24. Super Duper Pen/ Video game ultra25. Ten tacos for breakfast

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