SpongebobxSandy Forum is a forum, SBC member, Deli goes on.

2010 Beef With SBC -Edit

In a thread advertising SBC on the site, tvguy rudely insulted the site on June 24th, 2010, claiming SBC was better and their site "sucks a**". 70s made him and another member, sbs1fan , apologize.

2011 Beef With SBC -Edit

Almost a year later, on June 2nd, 2011, tvguy again, rudely tried to force users from that site onto SBC. Members still refuse, believing SBC is drama filled, from what they heard/read about it (possibly from other sites). Deli lashed out at him with everyone else. She soon apologized, saying shes going through a hard time.

An Admin on the site, told tvguy:

"...And I would appreciate it if you would stop saying our forum has gone downhill, tvguy. You've already tried to recruit us once."

After that, tvguy stopped bothering them.

Links -Edit

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