The Staff Lounge is the staff forum for all staff members on SBC (Managers, Cashiers, and Rep Board), hidden under the SBC section, the first category you see. Ideas for the community can be thrown around here and other issues can be talked about. You must be a staff member to access it, and it is the last forum under the SBC section.

Forum Description: The staff discusses ideas for SBC here. (staff only)


  • It was possible to access the Staff Lounge if you are not a staff member, but only if you buy "Be a Mod for a Day" from the Store. As of November 12th, 2012, you cannot access the Staff Lounge anymore with the item.
  • For a while, several users thought this forum a myth and not an actual place on the forum.
  • The Staff Lounge is the most private and secure place on the forums.
  • For a brief time during the SBC Hacking Summer 2011, it was made public to everyone when the forum was deleted and all of the topics spilled out. 70s spoke out against users who purposely went through them all, calling it a "breach of trust."
  • It was briefly renamed the "Administration Lounge" in July 2012.

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