Shadowclaw is a character from the spin-off Storm Racers. He is a Shark Tribe warrior, and his vehicle is Shadow Slammer.


To date, his only appearance has been in his debut episode, Zone Runners. In it, Argoron recruits him to join his team. He was attacking the Undersea Force in the Desert Zone with the other Vandals. Natcher makes a machine that would jam the portal open forever (re-using it from 8). However, Shadowclaw accidently destroys it, and everyone except for him, Dash and Argoron gets sucked to Senato. Argoron is furious, and one of his blasts cut his gills too. Argoron then uses a potion Natcher dropped purposely to turn Shadowclaw into stone. It is revealed near the end the whole thing was a set-up, and Argoron planned on Shadowclaw destroying the machine, as he was nothing very special - just bait so he could get him and a crew member (which turned out to be Dash) stuck together so he could get under his good side and strike at the last minute to finish him off. It is unknown what happened to Shadowclaw after this, but it can be persumed he is still frozen in stone in the Desert Zone.


Season 1:

Episode 16 - Zone Runners

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