Squidstrictor is a character in the spin-off Storm Racers. His vehicle is the Tentacle Strangler. Squidstrictor is the leader of the Squid Tribe, but he is the only member remaining due to the tribe dying out. He is 2nd in command of Argoron's crew.


Squidstrictor first appeared in the episode "The Duelist". In it, he stole Argoron's prized sword - Fangis in combat. He had a Blue Sentient Sword that the Undersea Force was looking for. The Undersea Force went after him to get it back with the help of Argoron, Natcher, Crink, and Straus. At the end, he lost a rematch with Argoron, and gave him Fangis along with the other swords he took back. He then vowed he would return one day and disappeared.

He later reappeared in "Time Out!" where he was a part of the raid, and helped protect Natcher's machine. He seems to have made himself friends with the other Vandals now.

In Uprisings, he returns and challenges Argoron to Kio Hakoko - an ancient Vandal ritual to decide who the leader of theh Vandals is. Squidstrictor manages to beat Argoron in 2 of the 3 challenges, and becomes the new Vandal leader. Argoron manages to upgrade the SharkSlammer thanks to the Undersea Force, and defeats Squidstrictor in a rematch. Squidstrictor decides to let Argoron take his position back, but only to keep his enemies closer, as Argoron apoints him to 2nd in command of his crew. At the end of the episode, it is revealed he was working for the Red Sentients, and they made the Tentacle Strangler for him.

Appearances Edit

Season 1:

Episode 21 - The Duelist

Episode 23 - Time Out!

Season 2:

Episode 30: Uprisings


  • He lacks a vehicle (although he may prefer walking, which is possible). However, he gains a vehicle called the Tentacle Strangler in "Uprisings".
  • He is the only member left of the Squid Tribe.

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