Betrayal is the 91st episode of Team SpongeBob and the 10th episode of Season 6.

Airdate: May 11th, 2012

Genre: 2012 Action PG

Plot -Edit

Team SpongeBob face off with Pintar and his group, assigned by The White Queen to capture the team. Meanwhile, Lanney turns Linda over to The White Queen, just as she is starting to jog her memory.

Characters -Edit








The White Queen




Notes/Trivia -Edit

- Lanney betrays Linda, turning her into The White Queen.

- Pearl and the team face Pintar again after being under the belief that he had left Mainland, attempting to escape in "Failplan".

- We are introduced to Pintar's teammates, Amy, who is a master weaponist, and Brock, who can shoot energy beams.

- Taking down Team SpongeBob is what Pintar had agreed to doing for The White Queen in "Bloodlines"

- At the end of the episode, Shin decides that the team should go hide out in The Forbidden Land. This is the first time that anything or any event from the movie (Team SpongeBob - The Movie: Land Beyond Time) has been mentioned in the show.

Title -Edit

The title refers to Pintar's "betrayal" to Pearl, seeing as they became friends after "Lovers" and Pear busted him out of jail and help him get out of Mainland in "Failplan"

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