Bindie was a recurring character in Team SpongeBob.

Personality -Edit

Bindie was very sly and always had a scheme planned. He could be cold and violent. In his final episode, he was shown as slightly apologetic.

Powers and Abilities -Edit

Bindie can fly, although he only does so in his first appearance. Bindie can seemingly open portals. He has advanced martial arts skills.

Trivia/Notes -Edit

- It is weird that Bindie's three appearant abilites, each only appear in one of the following three episodes. Flight (Power Up!), Portal control (Plan B: The Face Down! Part two), Martial Arts (Battle Lines Part 2).

Season 1 -Edit

Bindie befriends Patrick in "Power Up" when he gives Patrick special moon bouncer boots that help him get to the top of a mountain. Bindie also saves Patrick from falling off a collasped bridge.

in Plan B: The Showdown, Bindie shows up at Team SpongeBob's campsite and he tells them he knows where the 2nd Golden Ball is. He reconnects with Patrick and SpongeBob gets a bit jealous.During a battle with Volcano Lord, Sandy and Patrick find the Golden Ball, but Bindie betrays the group and steals it.

In the season finale "Battle Lines (Part 2)", SpongeBob, Patrick, and Shin arrive at Bindie's house. They ask him for the Golden Ball back. When he refuses, the three break in and a battle starts. Bindie defeats SpongeBob and Shin. Patrick launches rocks at Bindie, painfully hurting him. Bindie feels betrayed by Patrick actions as the team takes off with the ball.

Season 2 -Edit

Bindie makes a last guest appearance in Season 2,"The Return". SpongeBob, Patrick, and Shin are picking herbs for Sandy's cold. He shows up and apologizes. Patrick is however, cautious and Bindie says he'll give him some space to think.


S1EP.4 "Power Up"

S1EP.5 "Plan B" (Part 1)

S1EP.6 "Plan B" (Part 2)

S1EP.10 "Battle Lines" (Part 2)

S2EP.16 "The Return"

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