Chaotic (Part 1) is the 93rd episode of Team SpongeBob and the 12th episode of Season 6.

Airdate: June 8, 2012

Genre: 2012 Action PG

Plot -Edit

The team race against time to take down Cassandra, save Linda, and stop a plane from crashing onto Mainland.

Characters -Edit

SpongeBob The White Queen/Cassandra
Shin Pintar
Patrick Amy
Linda Brock
Sandy Ms.Rossfield

Notes/Trivia -Edit

- SpongeBob has found Linda, but she does not remember him.

- Pintar returns and tries to prevent Patrick and Sandy from stopping the plane.

Title -Edit

The title may refer to the fact that there is chaos on the island, as an all out battle erupts between Team SpongeBob and Cassandra and her followers.

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