Cold War Pt.2 was the second episode of the two part Season Premiere of Team Spongbob Season 2.

Airdate: August 28, 2010

Genre: 2010 Action PG

Plot -Edit

Picks up where the last episode left off. The team begins training again to defeat the Ice Queen. Patrick announces he going on patrol. While walking around, he notices a museum about karate. He runs back to the campsite and tells the rest of the gang. They all go to see the museum, but find the Ice Queen destroying it.

A battle ensues and Spongebob demands she leaves the museum alone. He cracks the ice and drowns her within the snow and she sinks in, escaping, vowing revenge on the team. Spongebob congrats them on their success.

Characters -Edit


Shin Fu




The Ice Queen (Villain/Recurring Characters)

Trivia -Edit

- This is the third episode to be given a PG rating due to language.

- In reruns, the episode is edited to assure a G rating. The PG version is included in the S1 boxset.

- This is the 12th episode.

- This episode aired around the Spin-off Festival, making it a special festival episode.

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