For Real is the 98th episode of Team SpongeBob and the 4 episode of Season 7.

Airdate: August 26, 2012

Genre: 2012 Action PG

Plot -Edit

Shin and the secondary team fly to a town where Shin's mother Azarah has been turning people into snails, however, she is only trying to distract Shin, as his sister Aria has infiltrated Team SpongeBob Headquarters to get the powerful jewel that Shin found under the town in "Bloodlines". At the end of the episode, it shows that Impotent wanted Aria to steal the jewel, but she didn't succeed.

Main Characters -Edit

SpongeBob/The Quickster
Shin Fu

Notes/Trivia -Edit

- Impotent set up the plan for Aria to steal the Jewel for unknown reasons.

- Patrick, Pearl, Larry, and Mindy are absent in this episode.

- This is the first time that the entire secondary team go on a mission.

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