The Ice Queen is a villainess in Team SpongeBob.

Season 2 (AR)Edit

After the Reconstruction of Karate Island, snow begins covering the island as a plan by the Ice Queen to turn Karate Island into an Ice Age. In New Teams Pt.1, Shin calls upon SpongeBob, Sandy, and Patrick again. When they arrive, they come across the Ice Queen and her icy fortress tower. A battle begins between her and the team. She ends up winning, making a huge amount of snow, blowing the team away.

In Cold War Pt.2, Patrick, while walking around, he notices a museum about karate. He runs back to the campsite and tells the rest of the gang. They all go to see the museum, but find the Ice Queen destroying it.

A battle ensues and Spongebob demands she leaves the museum alone. He cracks the ice and drowns her within the snow and she sinks in, escaping, vowing revenge on the team. Spongebob congrats them on their success.

In between "Sick" and "Statues", the Queen forms an allliance with the team's newest addition: Squidward, who is angry that he let SpongeBob convinced him to come to Karate Island. Squiward pretends to be kidnapped inside a secret bunker as the he tells the Ice Queen to send the Ice Statues to attack the team. After they are defeated, Squidward goes back to the team, who are happy that he "escaped".

In "Linda" on Halloween, the Ice Queen tries to prevent the team from getting to a Fairy's house, as she is a threat to her Ice Age Apocolyspe plan. She sends demons after them, but then battles the group herself. They manage to make it past her.

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