Karate Island Pt.1 was the series premiere of Team SpongeBob.

Airdate: July 26th, 2010

Genre: 2010 Action G

Plot -Edit

Spongebob was practicing karate with Sandy,when a wormhole mysteriously sucks thems in and transports them to Karate Island. A young man named Shin Fu tells them that he requires their help to save Karate Island. The man told them about a guy who is going to destroy `Karate Island by causing multiple volccanoes to erupt and that it was their destiny to stop him.

Characters -Edit



Shin Fu

Trivia -Edit

- This is the 1st episode of the series

- This is the Season 1 Premiere

- Patrick does not appear in this episode and is the only main character of Season 1 to miss a Season 1 episode.

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